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* PREMIUM VERSION * * PACKED WITH OVER 1,500 SOUNDS * * HIGHLY EFFECTIVE PERCUSSION INSTRUMENT * * FREE INTRO PACK * * UNMISTAKABLE EFFECTS * . Oct 7, 2018 The library has a price tag of $399.99 US dollars.. Damage 2. The Epic Sequel to the Iconic Original. Jun 6, 2020 KONTAKT, Kontakt, and Kontakt Player -. Sep 20, 2014 Version 1.0 -. Apr 23, 2018 Damage 2 - The Epic Sequel to the Iconic Original. @Heavyocity: Thanks for the heads up. I added a note to the description. ( 2 ) Mar 14, 2020 Many people see that this library is a kind of Kontakt instrument but it's not. . I bought this very package yesterday, Damage 2, and I would recommend this library if your project will contain any kind of percussion, this library covers many instruments, and can be used in any genre. . Heavyocity.Damage.KONTAKT.Disc.1-LiBRARY Dec 11, 2019 Damage 2 is not a free instrument but it is a library containing 1000+ Soundwizard's Sounds For Kontakt. Sep 3, 2019 KONTAKT, Kontakt, and Kontakt Player -. Mar 11, 2020 You should get Damage 2 and the demo file of Damage 1 before you buy this product. Oct 14, 2018 This is not a stand-alone drum library.. In fact, it is built from the original library, Damage 1, and several upgrades and refinements. ( 3 ) Jul 19, 2020 i bought this on monday it was released on friday and i was able to get it only after buying damage 1 on friday.. ( 4 ) Aug 15, 2020 I've recently purchased the KONTAKT library "Damage" from @hevyocity. I was very surprised how fast it was processed and delivered. I'm very glad I. I have very sensitive ears and I hear some issues in my sounds and instruments like digital high hat and snares. They sound terrible but I can






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